To add your LSPCI:

  • Search the name of your PC in the leeft Search-area
  • If there is you can add details or notes
  • If there isn't go to (change "YourPcModel" with Your Pc Model, obviously)
  • Add <pre>text of lspci</pre>
  • Add {{LSPCI|Brand (HP, DELL...)|General Model (Pavilion, Latitude...)|Specific Model (dv6|M70....)}}
  • Add {{Chipset|Your Chipset (ICH6, ICH9...)}}
  • Add {{Video|Graphic Board's Brand (ATI, NVIDIA...)|Model}}
  • Add {{Audio|Audio Board's Brand (Realtek...)|Model}}
  • Add {{Network|Network Board's Brand (Realtek...)|Model}}
  • Add {{Other|Kind of other peripherial (Firewire, SD reader, ...)|Model}}
  • Click "Save Page"

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